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19 October 2005 @ 02:31 pm
Mina spent the night last night. It was not planned or anything I just had taken some time to get Ramune and Pocky so she came over to hang out we talked for a little bit, discussing a lot of things and then fell asleep. She was so cute when sleeping and it felt really nice to walk up next to her, she is also very cute when she wakes up. I do not think she is quite the morning person. We just laid there and cuddled until we both had to go to class. She was warm and comfortable and fit perfectly in my arms all night. I really like her. *sighs* It was a really good night and morning spent with her. I can not wait to show her around Shinjuku, that will be a lot of fun as well.
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14 October 2005 @ 03:39 pm
I was up in the obs deck the other day minding my own business. As it turns out that was one of my best ideas all week as I ran into Mina there. We talked about what had happened and what was going on. After awhile I was just going to leave her alone but she would not let me go like that. She is really cute when she has that hopeful look. So I let her show me around San Fransisco. She has this really comfortable apartment there. At first we spent the time cleaning it up then she showed me around the city. Apparently she had lived on Earth before coming to HEBA, and she still is having trouble with the language, it is adorable. I got pulled into a book store there because she wanted an English to Korean translation book for her homework, I wonder if she has any hobbies besides studying. She also insisted on buying me a book so I could remember that trip with her, I was surprised at the sentimentality. I did not realize she was so sentimental. The Kimchee was good and I actually had fun. Mina has an interesting view on humans and I have been thinking about it lately, she may be right, I can not wait to see. We even made plans to visit Tokyo, I visited Shinjuku since I spent a few months there when I first got to HEBA, though most of that time was spent in bars and clubs, she asked me to take her there, of course I accepted after all then I can treat her, and I did warn her as to where we would most likely go. It did not phase her at all, that girl has spirit. She also has quiet the dirty mind at times, and is adorable when she blushes. That one is a very interesting little Hi-Taijiron, I am looking forward to the next time we hang out.

I have to comm her later.

I know I will not do it, but I should probably wrap my arm up.
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11 October 2005 @ 02:51 pm
Mina broke our study plans. She broke plans she had specifically made with me to 'hang out' with that jerk of player. Everyone knows he only wants one thing from her, well everyone knows But her. I can not believe I trusted her. At least I have learned my lesson, Never Trust Anyone (should have remember it before I let her get close but what can one do?). I should remember not to push my sleeves up tomorrow, I do not want anyone else to witness the evidence of my pain.
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10 October 2005 @ 02:00 am

Sinister Abomination from the Burning Legendary Earth

I rather enjoy this one. Is it not most befitting?

>.>;;Collapse )
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10 October 2005 @ 01:32 am
So I was on the Obs deck today with Mina. Unfortunately Ego-boy had to join us for some unknown reason. He was so aggravating but that is another story the interesting sighting is this: There is a student that the Exosociolgy Professor, let's just call him LumpyKins, favors happened to be there... I think I'll call him Chewy, ... Well he is obviously just like the rest of the boys on this station, gay. From now on I hold this one truth everyone on this station is GAY until proved straight. Well has been suspiciously missing class and has also been late a few times also LumpyKins seems to be covering for him (I should look into this it may be to my advantage to find out more) well today there was also an appearance by Inquisitor Jo:ya and this little human that seemed to interest him. Well the human boy left with Chewy, I am thinking I should file this away for future use since they did seem to know each other, Hmm very interesting I should say. I also met another member of my 'race', that is to say we are the same mix (Korihatsu) His name was Kang. For a boy he is rather interesting and acceptable not to mention the fact that he also seems to despise Ego-boy as much as I do. I bet we could be good friends. Anyways I must remember to be nicer around Mina as she does not appreciate my bantering and I do not want to aggravate her, she is special.

I must remember to be always be on the watch.
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10 October 2005 @ 12:31 am
So I had been roaming the mess hall lately. I met a cute girl named Mina. She is very interesting but she has the bad luck to be associated with that inflated wind-bag known as Typhoon and he has her rather blinded at the moment. This is very disappointing as she is one of the only attractive and smart young women I have run across on this station. Why Typhoon could not stick to men as he is rumored to have preferred I have no idea.
Current Mood: aggravated