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10 October 2005 @ 01:32 am
Interesting Sighting  
So I was on the Obs deck today with Mina. Unfortunately Ego-boy had to join us for some unknown reason. He was so aggravating but that is another story the interesting sighting is this: There is a student that the Exosociolgy Professor, let's just call him LumpyKins, favors happened to be there... I think I'll call him Chewy, ... Well he is obviously just like the rest of the boys on this station, gay. From now on I hold this one truth everyone on this station is GAY until proved straight. Well has been suspiciously missing class and has also been late a few times also LumpyKins seems to be covering for him (I should look into this it may be to my advantage to find out more) well today there was also an appearance by Inquisitor Jo:ya and this little human that seemed to interest him. Well the human boy left with Chewy, I am thinking I should file this away for future use since they did seem to know each other, Hmm very interesting I should say. I also met another member of my 'race', that is to say we are the same mix (Korihatsu) His name was Kang. For a boy he is rather interesting and acceptable not to mention the fact that he also seems to despise Ego-boy as much as I do. I bet we could be good friends. Anyways I must remember to be nicer around Mina as she does not appreciate my bantering and I do not want to aggravate her, she is special.

I must remember to be always be on the watch.
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